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4 Fun and Healthy Events to Boost Wellness Program Engagement


Yes, it’s true—a company can implement a workplace wellness program and then sit back and let it play out on its own. But that usually garners mediocre results, and who wants to be mediocre? Wellness programs are similar to relationships—the more they’re cultivated, the more rewarding they become.

Employers should support their employees throughout the program and leadership should actively participate. And there’s also ample opportunity to engage employees further with different on-site events. Here are four fun and healthy events to implement this year:

Company-wide Olympics

Why wait four years for the real Olympics to come around? Host your own! Viverae® can testify that it’s a fun way to spend an afternoon. Approaching its fifth year, the Viverae Olympics gets employees outside for some fun challenges, team building, and a healthy meal. Olympic events—from obstacle races to giant Jenga® to sponge bucket relays—are inclusive of every fitness level, and they also serve up a good dose of healthy competition.

Recreational Sports Leagues

Most people longingly remember their high school glory days, so let your employees relive them by offering subsidized recreational sports leagues. Employees will love the fact that you’re footing the bill, and it will bring co-workers from all departments together to share in a passion. Kickball, softball, volleyball … there’s plenty to choose from, and you can either offer a new league each season or shell out more to have multiple leagues going at once. Utilize your city’s athletic club or local organizations that already offer different sports leagues.

Company Walk

Tie your charitable initiative into a healthy event. An organized charitable walk is always a crowd pleaser—and because it’s low impact, it’s easily accessible for all. Make the walk available to spouses, children, family, friends, dogs, etc., for higher participation. And don’t forget to take pictures! Bringing employees and their families together to get active and support a good cause is never a bad idea.

Turned-up Happy Hour

Company happy hour is always a fun time for employees. And while cocktails and finger foods aren’t always the healthiest, there’s opportunity to turn company happy hours into more active and engaging experiences. Use your best judgment when it comes to your team, but you never know what could spark excitement. For an in-office happy hour, try creating a dance-off with Wii’s Just Dance series. Or take it off-site by hosting your next happy hour at a Dave and Buster’s or laser tag venue—all of which will get employees moving.

Healthy events can be fun and inclusive, and they’re a great way to change up how employees get active. Try implementing some of these healthy events and see how your employees respond.