Rebranding for What We Believe In

On November 1, we’ll rebrand as SimplyWell®. It’s taken lots of hard work and dedication to get to this point.

A Brief History

Viverae® was founded as Elite Wellness in 2003 in Dallas, Texas. In 2008, we rebranded as Viverae, establishing ourselves as a leader in workplace wellness. Nine years later, in 2017, we acquired a health and wellness company based in Omaha, Nebraska—SimplyWell.

Wanting to communicate—in a straightforward way—our renewed commitment to simplifying workplace wellness, we decided to take on the SimplyWell name.

Why Now?

More than 97 percent of Americans practice unhealthy lifestyle habits. Obesity rates are at an all-time high, and the number of people with preventable diseases is steadily growing. Many people want to improve their health, but don’t have access to the resources and support to make lasting changes.

The reality is, today’s wellness industry is immensely disjointed and complex. Many existing workplace wellness programs don’t provide the solutions employers need to drive results and the benefits employees want to establish healthy habits—leading to low program engagement and usage.

We want to change this narrative.

The direction we’ve wanted to take as a company has culminated in our rebrand to SimplyWell. SimplyWell is focused on simplifying wellness for our clients and members. Our simple, configurable wellness programs inspire healthy lifestyles and help clients control healthcare costs. It’s that simple. It’s the perfect balance of culture and care.”

—Mike Lamb, President and CEO, SimplyWell

New Name, Same Aim

While we will have a new name, website, and logo, our commitment to connecting members and clients with the technology, partners, and people needed to drive meaningful results and create a healthy workplace culture isn’t going anywhere. Employee well-being and client satisfaction will always be among our top priorities.

Thanks for sticking with us! Without you, none of this would be possible.