Targeted Workplace Coaching Programs Provide Choices to Employers


DALLAS – Jan. 23, 2018 – Viverae®, a leader in workplace wellness technology, is proud to announce the expansion of its health coaching services to provide Viverae clients with greater flexibility in how they choose to offer coaching. Available this summer/fall, employers can choose to provide coaching to their entire population, or select a more focused approach to target high-risk and high-cost populations with coaching services that maximize their budget. These additional coaching options also allow employees to benefit from continuous access to qualified health professionals, who can minimize doctor visits and associated costs by suggesting and encouraging healthy behavior changes.

For every step of their journey, members receive the individualized support they need from a dedicated health coach. Research shows that employees who have access to human expertise make better health decisions. Health coaches are trusted advisors, motivators, and lifestyle experts who help employees improve their health in areas such as tobacco cessation, weight and stress management, proper nutrition, and fitness. They can also play a major role in helping manage chronic conditions for identified employees through education and encouragement.

Viverae’s expanded coaching services include seven new coaching solutions, each targeting specific employee populations or risk factors:

Core Support

Built in to the core platform, Core Support allows members to consult with a health coach to ask health- and wellness-related questions and receive continued support throughout their wellness program.

Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle includes a number of different lifestyle health topics, such as eating healthy, increasing physical activity, effectively managing stress and triggers, and providing support for staying on track. Health coaches promote healthy behavior changes to help members prevent and reduce health risks for a healthier lifestyle.

Focused Care

Focused Care provides support to targeted members with specific risk factors or conditions that drive up healthcare costs. 

  • Post-screening Consult

With Post-screening Consult, a health coach works with members once they complete their biometric screening to review their results, like cholesterol and blood pressure metrics. Health coaches help members understand their health status and risk for disease, review healthy ranges and recommend healthy behavior changes to help reduce potential risks.

  • High Risk

If members have high risk factors, it places them at higher risk of developing diseases like cardiovascular disease, stroke, cancer, and diabetes. High Risk coaching covers members identified with one or more high or very high biometric risk factors, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, and smoking. Health coaches educate members and help them reduce their risks through healthy behavior changes and meaningful goal setting designed to improve their well-being.

  • Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic Syndrome is a serious health condition that places members at higher risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, and diabetes. The underlying causes are related to being overweight or obese, physically inactive, some genetic factors, and aging. Metabolic Syndrome coaching covers any member identified with Metabolic Syndrome—having at least three of the following risk factors: waist circumference, blood pressure, HDL cholesterol, triglycerides, or glucose. Health coaches help members understand healthy behavior changes that can help reduce their risks and set goals to improve their well-being.

  • Outcomes

When members don’t meet one or more biometric screening thresholds, they may be at higher risk of developing several diseases, including cardiovascular disease, stroke, cancer, and diabetes. With Outcomes coaching, health coaches educate members about their threshold values so they can improve their risk, meet the thresholds, and set goals to improve their well-being. Threshold options include: the standard program metrics (total cholesterol, BMI, blood pressure, and glucose/hemoglobin A1c); or metabolic syndrome metrics; and/or tobacco cessation.

Condition Management

Chronic diseases can cost millions in insurance claims, absenteeism, and reduced productivity, and they tend to be the most common and preventable health conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. Condition management covers an industry-leading 22 identifiable conditions, and uses dedicated clinicians to engage high-risk and high-cost members in managing their conditions.

“As a wellness provider that prides itself on innovation, we understand the potential that technology brings, but what really drives our decisions is the care of people,” said Mike Lamb, president and chief executive officer at Viverae. “By being able to focus wellness dollars and attention on those who need it most, employers can address the specific needs of their employee population and stretch their budgets further.”

With 20 years of expertise designing successful workplace wellness programs, Viverae serves more than 600 clients and 1.2 million members throughout the United States. Members can access the Viverae wellness platform through its mobile and web apps.


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