Questions, meet answers.

How do I find my registration code/identifier ?

Please contact your organization’s wellness coordinator.

How do I complete my Biometric Screening ?

Because each program has a different set up Biometric Screening options, we are unable to list all of them here. Please contact your wellness coordinator for screening information specific to your program.

How do I get more information about completing my wellness program and/or earning incentives or rewards ?

Log in to your wellness portal and select Rewards > Incentives to see what components and activities you need to complete. You can also contact your wellness coordinator for more information.

How do I complete my Member Health Assessment (MHA) ?

On your wellness website when prompted during registration or later by following the prompts on your homepage.

How long will it take to get my Biometric Screening results ?

Please allow at least 10 business days for results to appear on your wellness website and mobile app.

How do I view my progress in the wellness program ?

Log on to your wellness website or mobile app and select Rewards then Incentives. Items will display as “pending” until all required components are complete.

Is my personal health information protected ?

Yes. Our workplace wellness programs are compliant with Affordable Care Act requirements and applicable law, and National Committee for Quality Assurance and national health advocacy group standards.

Is my app or device compatible with Connect™ ?

See a list of compatible apps and devices here.

Do we support Apple Health and Apple devices ?

Yes. For more information, click here

How often is data synced ?

Data is automatically synced several times each hour but can take up to 24 hours for the initial connection with a new app or device.

How do I reset my password ?

Visit your wellness website or the mobile app and select Forgot? Follow the prompts to reset your password.